How To Live Like A Millionaire In Los Angeles

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live like a millionaire in luxury apartments in DTLA

Who among us hasn’t imagined what we would do if we won the lottery one day and became overnight millionaires? Would you quit your job? Buy a fancy car? Take a dream vacation? 


May 20th was National Be a Millionaire Day which is a day to really celebrate those daydreams and imagine ourselves rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous. We decided to take the idea one step further and figure out ways to live like millionaires just for one day in Los Angeles. Of course, we’re not millionaires and dear readers, statistically neither are you (but if you do happen to be, remind us to get you our Venmo later!), so we’ve included ways to splurge and ways to save – while still feeling like you’re living the highlife!


If you’re living in an Urban LA apartment then you’re already halfway there since our affordable and vintage Koreatown, Hollywood, and Downtown LA apartments have modern renovations with classic charm. But if you’re not, check out our available apartment rentals here. Now, here are some more ways to live like a millionaire in LA:


Dress Like A Millionaire


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Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills is synonymous with luxury shopping. If you’re going to be living like a millionaire, you better be dressed as one. It’s time for your Vivian Ward moment! Rodeo Drive is home to a kid in a candy shop selection of luxury clothing stores like Dolce and Gabbana, Versace, Jimmy Choo, and Gucci. Strut in like you know what you’re doing and pick up some swag. And don’t forget some boat shoes for the yacht club party later! 


  •  Save

So maybe Rodeo Drive is a teensy bit out of your price range but do not fret, there are still options. If you want to wear designer labels – and you’re a millionaire now so you have to – check out or a similar site that will allow you to rent clothes from all the brands you’d find on Rodeo Drive for a fraction of the cost. There’s nothing wrong with a savvy millionaire!


Drive Like A Millionaire


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Luxury cars can be ridiculously expensive but you’re a millionaire now so no expense will be spared. Currently the most expensive car in the world is the Bugatti La Voiture Noire at a measly $19 million. That’s pennies to you now, right? The one-off car packs a 1,500 horsepower engine which is enough power for the car to reach speeds of up to 261mph. Millionaires are nothing if not practical. 


  • Save

Another option for your day as a millionaire if you’re not looking to make a long term investment is to rent a luxury car. Sixt is a company that will do short term rentals for luxury cars as well as luxury car subscriptions, kind of like Netflix but for cars. Seeing as millionaires don’t use public transportation, you can rent one of their BMWs, Jaguars, or Mercedes-Benzs to drive around Los Angeles in, waving to the plebs as you go. 


Eat Like A Millionaire


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You’re a millionaire now so you need the best of the best and it just so happens the best is in Los Angeles. The most expensive restaurant  in the United States – and second most expensive in the world -is right here within our city limits. Urasawa is a 2 Michelin star Japanese restaurant headed by Master Chef Hiroyuki Urasawa. The Chef will prepare diners with a 30 course omakase (basically Chef’s choice) from behind the sushi bar for just $395 a head. Sake is extra though! Book early because there’s a two month wait list as the restaurant typically only serves 1,000 people a year. And no #foodie pics on Instagram because photographs are strictly forbidden. 


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The good news is you can eat like a millionaire on budget as well. There are plenty of fine dining choices in Los Angeles, but one of the top rated fine dining, yet affordable, restaurants is A Food Affair. A Food Affair, a unique French dining experience,  was started by Babette and Christian Royere. These South of France natives have been restaurateurs for over 30 years. On the menu you’ll find mouth watering dishes such as lamb shank tagine and bouillabaisse de marseilles with lobster saffron broth, cod, rockfish, clams, sea bream, pei mussels, and blue prawns. 


Millionaire dreams aren’t just for May 20th, even if the day is only celebrated for one day each year. Make sure to take pictures and tag us on Instagram if you do @urbanlaliving. #LiveLikeAMillionaire

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