The Best Super Bloom Trips in LA in 2020

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The Best Super Bloom Trips in LA in 2020

To say super blooms in California is IG-worthy is an understatement. The California hills blanketed in vibrant wild flowers provide a breathtaking background for any photo, but no photo can do the super bloom justice. You simply have to see them with your own eyes! We curated some of the best super bloom trips you can take around LA. We also picked spots that are not too far from Hollywood Colony, one of the best apartments for rent in Hollywood, California, so you won’t have to drive for too long to see a super bloom. 


Note: While outdoor State Parks are still open, don’t forget to practice ‘social distancing’ and avoid the crowded areas if you can! Make sure to check the Covid-19 advisories from the California Department of Parks and Recreation before going to any of the parks.

Since 2017, the super bloom in Griffith Park has gifted us with gorgeous orange and yellow wildflowers that’s a beautiful contrast to its lush greens. Even on a regular day, the view of the Los Angeles skyline from Griffith Park makes it worth the hike. 

For more guides on the wildflower trails, click here. We recommend starting your mini-hike early in the morning so the sun isn’t too harsh on the skin yet. Wear sunscreen and take lots of water with you as well!

A 40-minute drive will take you to Will Rogers State Historic Park where you can enjoy easy to moderate hikes. Bask in blooms of canyon sunflowers and greenback ceanothus in various spots of the park. You can take your furry friends here, too! 

Will Rogers State Historic Park also offers horseback riding lessons, trail rides, picnics, ranch house tours, and more. 

This is one of the best spots for super bloom viewing, but do note that this area is very popular. And it is for a reason! Feast your eyes with the vibrant fields covered with poppies and other wildflowers that stretch as far as the eye can see in Lake Elsinore. 

If you’re up for a road trip, this Poppy Reserve boasts not just fields of poppies, but blooms of forget-me-nots, fiddlenecks, red maids, and slender keel fruits as well. Even though you have to drive, you won’t have to hike trails when you get there so you can enjoy leisurely walks instead.  

The California Department of Parks and Recreation will post weekly updates until Mother’s Day so make sure to check out their website before going. 

Those are some of the best super bloom trips you can take whether you live in Hollywood or anywhere else in Los Angeles. Living in Hollywood, LA will give you the luxury to enjoy quick nature trips while having non-stop entertainment close by. Ready to move to LA? Our perfectly located apartments in Hollywood Colony are one of the best apartments for rent in Hollywood, California. Check them out here and feel free to ask if you have any questions!

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