Affordable Ways to Give Your Hollywood Rental Apartment a New Look in 2020

New Look on a Budget

So you’ve just snagged that affordable apartment for rent in Hollywood–congratulations! New decade, new place. Why not give it a new look as well to make it feel more like home? Your home. Although rentals can be trickier to decorate since it’s not your own, it’s not impossible and can definitely be done without sacrificing your next month’s rent.

Whether you just moved to a new rental apartment in Hollywood or simply want to spruce up your current one, here are some easy ways to give your place a fresh look without breaking the bank:

  • Scents and candles

New rental apartments either smell like paint or that inexplicably weird smell of a house that’s been unoccupied. Scented candles can fix that! The studios for rent at Beachwood Towers overlook historic Beachwood Canyon, and some even have a peek at the Hollywood sign. We’d pair that view with the expensive smelling Voluspa candle

  • Hang unique wall art

Art doesn’t have to be expensive. You can easily go to Canva and design something for free that fits your palette and textures. You can get affordable frames from Facebook Marketplace or go crazy with vintage frames found in thrift stores. If you’re staying at Silverlake Station, the Goodwill store down the street is epic in its collection of random items. 

  • Curtains, curtains, curtains

It’s incredible how much cozier your rental apartment can feel when you pick the right curtains. We love seeing the gauzy curtains that several tenants have put up in their rental apartments in Hollywood Colony building. The fabric gives them privacy and still lets them enjoy the palm trees and see the Hollywood lights. And if you want total darkness, you can always add a second set of black out curtains to use while you sleep.

  • Temporary wallpaper

These are self-adhesive, removable wallpaper that doesn’t require paste or water to install. The cool studios at Avondale are the perfect apartment for a pop of color. The renovated kitchens and bathrooms are gorgeous on their own and using a temporary wallpaper to create your accent wall can make a small space seem like it has more depth. Whether you’re looking for chic, modern prints, or bold, loud patterns, there’s a temporary wallpaper that suits your style.

  • Carpets 

Most of our buildings at Urban LA Living have beautiful, refinished hardwood floors. The Avondale was built in 1925 and the hardwood floors here have lasted almost 100 years.

Carpets give the added bonus of protecting the wood and warming up your space, not to mention helping prevent echoing footsteps from bothering your downstairs neighbors. In 2020, the carpet trends range from eco-chic to mix patterns and maximalist prints, but who cares? You do you. 

Giving your rental apartment a new look can be fun, therapeutic, and inexpensive. You can use whatever you save to enjoy your new Hollywood neighborhood instead. 

Don’t forget to tag us @UrbanLALiving with your before and after photos once you start giving your rental apartment a new look!

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