The Many Things We Love Living in Koreatown

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The Many Things We Love Living in Koreatown

When you are looking at apartments for rent in Los Angeles, location is everything. There are so many unique neighborhoods in LA, each with a different living experience. One of our favourite neighbourhoods in Koreatown. We have eight distinctive buildings in the area, each with their own personality. What they do have in common though is that each is a vintage building that we have preserved to keep its original charm while still providing modern amenities. They are also all in a cool part of the city that provides so much history, culture, and cuisine, whether you’re looking to explore on your own or have a night on the town with friends.  Here are some of our favourite spots: 


The Wiltern

Like our apartment buildings, The Wiltern, built in 1931, is unlike any of its modern counterparts and it’s less than a 10 minute walk from our Plaza Cordova and Casa Bella buildings. The theater is worth visiting just for it’s interior, with its colorful terrazzo paving and art deco design. The centerpiece of it all is a sunburst on the ceiling of the theater, each ray its own art deco skyscraper. The Wiltern Theatre originally seated 2,344 but now can accommodate more as they created a general admission standing room only section. Musical acts of all kinds as well as comedians grace The Wiltern stage so, no matter what you’re into, you’ll be able to see someone you love! Check out their line-up here


Koreatown PlazaKoreatown Plaza

The Koreatown Plaza is the place to be and it’s walking distance from our Victoria apartment building! It’s an Asian style shopping mall that has a wide range of stores including ones you’d find in both traditional American and Korean malls. It’s a one-stop shopping area for the full Koreatown experience including killer food. Their food court is impressive with a variety of cuisines making it a great place to grab lunch or a snack. 


Chapman Market

Chapman Market’s first claim to fame was as the first drive-thru grocery store which, while it would be super convenient, is no longer its function today. You can just feel the history of the place in the 1929 Spanish Colonial Revival architecture with it’s wrought iron fences and art deco touches. In Chapman Market you can hit up a cafe, restaurant, florist, salon, and a variety of retailers. It’s a fun way to spend an afternoon. It’s also conveniently located right near our Kenmore Arms building! 


California Donuts California Donuts

California Donuts has been truly serving it’s community with the gift of sweet, delicious, fluffy donuts since 1982. They are out here doing God’s work. You can always stop in and pick up one (or two…or three…) of their regular or specialty donuts but you can also order a customized dozen for events -or for yourself, we are not judging – that they’ll ship anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area. California Donuts are known for their adorable designs, such as their unicorn or panda donuts, and delish flavors!


Korean American National Museum Korean American National Museum 

We are jumping the gun on this a little bit but the new Korean American National Museum is about to be a really cool new addition to the center of Koreatown. The old location closed while they broke ground on a new and improved location in 2020. It’s new modern and sleek design was created by renowned Los Angeles-based Morphosis Architects. The museum typically features art and photography created by or depicting Korean American. They expect to open in 2022. 


These are only five of the many fantastic reasons to rent an apartment in Koreatown. Do you have a favorite Koreatown haunt that we missed? Tag us on Instagram and let us know so we can include it in our next round-up! 


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