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It’s hard to realize that spring has arrived in LA, it’s almost always 75 and beautiful here. What can we say, we live in a gorgeous city. Smoggy, but gorgeous. While the rest of the country is going crazy for spring cleaning (because they can finally open their windows without snow blowing in) we just think it’s another day. Spring is almost over!

Here are our recommendations for the top 10 places to do your spring cleaning. If you’re in to being green, you live in LA apartments for rent of course you are, here’s a link to a great article by Real Simple about how to clean with “green” cleaners. 66 All Natural Cleaning Solutions

Top 10 Places to Clean in Your Apartment
1. Your Fridge & Freezer – clear out food that’s been there since you don’t know when
2. Bathroom ceiling – the smoggy grim mixes with the condensation from your showers
3. Under the couch – dust bunnies beware
4. Shelves – dust under items, not just around them
5. Flatware drawer – remove everything and empty all those delicious food crumbs that mysteriously build up
6. Closet – donate the clothes you don’t wear
7. Your oven
8. Repot Indoor Plants – cuz they may have grown a little in the last 2 years…
9. Your entryway – baseboards, door frames, that random clutter that you’ve never picked up
10. Dust the baseboards – yup, all of them
11. Window Sills – where does all this dust come from?

We threw in an extra one 😉

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