Rooftop Bars – Experience a unique Downtown LA nightlife

Rooftop Bars - Experience a unique Downtown LA nightlife

Welcome to LA

Being in Los Angeles (LA) is an adventure all on its own. Whether it is shopping at Beverly Hills, hiking up Mount Lee to see the Hollywood sign closer, or looking for 2 bedroom apartments in Downtown LA, it is an excellent experience in the City of Angels. With that said, one of the most notable things in LA is its nightlife.

What would be the best option to fully experience LA’s uniqueness with so many activities or places to visit? The answer is always going to be Rooftop Bars. LA is known for many things like its gorgeous beaches or its luxury apartments in Downtown Los Angeles, but it is known for its stunning sunsets. Now imagine that while relaxing, having a drink, and having a good time with friends, you get to see how the sky changes color and spend the rest of your evening under the stars. Amazing.

Where to go to have a good time in Downtown LA.

Some of the well-known rooftop bars in Downtown LA are Perch Los Angeles with its reasonably priced, well-crafted drinks and live DJs or Jazz bands, and the Upstairs Bar at Ace Hotel with its cocktails, beers, and even a weekend brunch menu. But to take the experience even further, there is the Rooftop Cinema Club. The Club was founded by Gerry Cottle, who boasts that the Club is not just a place to get drinks but is also the “ultimate film experience.” They set the mood with drinks, special guests, and games before playing each movie. They project their films on an outdoor screen, and the guests sit on luxurious chairs with a fantastic view of the city and the stars. Now, being outdoors will prove it difficult to hear the movie one hundred percent. There can be a lot of distractions that could take away the magic of the event. To solve this, the Rooftop Cinema Club would provide a high-quality wireless headphone to each guest. Not only will this keep the distractions away, but it will also help in not disturbing the neighbors.

Experience the City of Angels

With LA being a melting pot of cultures and trends, it doesn’t matter if tourists are visiting temporarily or aspiring individuals already looking for apartments for rent in Downtown LA. There is no need to think twice about visiting. All are welcome in the City of Angels.

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