Living in LA with No Car?


Is it really possible to live in Los Angeles without a car? 20 years ago, it may not have been possible. 5 years ago, it may not have been possible. But with the expansion of the Metro, Uber and Lyft services it has quickly become very possible to live in Los Angeles without a car. Many people even recommended living in certain areas of the city without a car. 

We have several buildings in the Koreatown, DTLA and Hollywood areas of town. All three of these locations have excellent access to the Metro. Koreatown, in particular, is a very walkable area. Most of our apartments for rent in Koreatown La are very walkable with WalkScore’s of 88 or higher!

Why is it important to have a high WalkScore? A WalkScore reflects how accessible any neighborhood is to the necessities of life. Our Koreatown area apartments all have easy access to public transportation, grocery stores, restaurants and nightlife. Many are also close to public libraries, music venues, parks and more. There’s a ton you can do within walking distance of your apartment. You can check each of our apartments buildings WalkScores on their individual pages. You will find the WalkScore under the apartments Google Maps. 

Another major benefit to living in Los Angeles without a car is you don’t have to worry about fighting traffic. Use your time to help yourself out. Instead of sitting in traffic frustrated and sweaty, you can use your time wisely. Jump on the Metro and take the 20-minute ride to work as a reading break. On your way to an audition? Jump in a Lyft and use that extra 30 minutes to finish running lines. There’s so much you can do when you’re not having to worry about merging onto the 101.

But isn’t it expensive to not have a car? 

Not really. Yes, you will pay money every time you need to go somewhere but you do that anyway! The average millennial pays about $8,500 per year on transportation according to $8,500 a year! That’s over $700/month on car expenses!

Let’s break down the expenses of having a car in Los Angeles

    • Average Car Payment $300
    • Average Car Insurance $150
    • Average Parking $150
    • Average Parking Tickets $200
    • Average Gas $160
    • Should we go on?

Let’s break down the expenses of NOT having a car in Los Angeles.

    • Monthly Metro Pass – $100*
    • Average RideShare Expenses/month in Los Angeles $100**
    • ummmmmmmm, that’s it.

Even if you were to double, no triple, NO QUADRUPLE your ridesharing expenses every month you would be saving an average of $200/month. That’s $2,400/year. That’s incredible. 

We know, we know. Los Angeles has been known as a city where you must have a car for decades. But times they are a-changing. And who really wants to drive around at night looking for a parking spot? 

And for those of you that can’t imagine not having your own transportation. What about a scooter? You wouldn’t want to take one of these on the freeway but around town, quick trips would be a breeze and parking would be fantastic!

We’d love to hear from you. Have you ever thought about ditching your car in Los Angeles? 


*You can check current Metro rates at

*Average RideShare expenses in Los Angeles found on

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