Fun Social Distancing Games You Can Play With Friends Online

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Social Distancing Game

Just because we are stuck at home during these crazy times and miss hanging out with friends doesn’t mean we can’t have fun together (but alone…you get what we mean). Since most of us are in quarantine in our apartments in Hollywood, we end up running out of things to talk about. You can’t just keep talking about Tiger King or whatever Netflix series you’re bingeing on all the time! Why not do your family and friends a favor and kick your virtual hangouts up a notch by playing these fun social distancing games and challenges:

  1. Jackbox Games

If you don’t mind spending a little, Jackbox has a ton of fun party packs you can choose from. Only one of you needs to purchase a game in your group and you can invite them through sending the room code. The Quiplash 2 and Fakin’ It from the Jackbox Party Pack Three are tons of fun! 

     2. Social Distancing Food Challenges: Chubby Bunny and Fruit Roll Up Race

Tell your friends to grab marshmallows and fruit roll ups on their next trip to the grocery store or for their next online delivery. For the Chubby Bunny challenge, whoever can stuff his/her mouth with the most marshmallows and still be able to say whatever statement coherently wins. 

 For the fruit roll-up race, hold one end of the candy with your mouth and unroll the candy completely. Whoever can finish the fruit roll-up first wins! If you live at Seven Lions, one of our beautiful apartments in Hollywood, the stuff you need for these challenges should be easy to grab from nearby supermarkets such as Vons or Ralphs.

marsh mallow

     3. Social Distancing Pictionary
This classic just never gets old. You can either do pictionary online with your friends through creating a private room on Skribble or do it the classic way where you will draw on paper and just show your art to your friends. If you want to do it the pen and paper way, you can choose titles from Netflix or your preferred streaming sites to draw as your categories. 

    4. Heads Up! 

Who says you can’t play this through video conferencing? Have your friends download the Heads Up! app on their phones and choose a category you want to play. Expect tons of laughter from the Accents and Impressions category!

    5. Level Up Challenge (no dancing needed!)

Have your own version of the level up challenge with your favorite humans and furry friends! This is also a good way to get off the couch and get moving. You can do different levels using cups, pillows, or, yes, even toilet paper. Here’s an inspiration: 

We can’t wait until we can get out of our apartments in Hollywood and enjoy the beautiful Los Angeles spring weather. But in the meantime, let’s try to have fun while helping flatten the curve. Don’t forget to share the fun with us and tag us when you do any of these social distancing games!


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