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We’re always seeing people searching for apartments for rent in Los Angeles that are both affordable and cat-friendly. We’d like to offer up Villa Veneto,  in the super-fun neighborhood, Koreatown. Villa Veneto will make the perfect home for you and your furry friend and in honor of the building’s cat-friendliness, we wanted to share three reasons why having a cat as a pet is the best. 


Cat Make Great Pets for Apartments

Cats are one of the best apartment pets. They are smaller in size, quiet, and typically less rambunctious than many dogs can be. You won’t have to worry about a cat waking your neighbors if someone knocks on the door. 


They Are Low Maintenance

Cats are known for their independence. They make wonderful companions but they are also really good at alone time, meaning when you go to work or leave them alone in your apartment for a while, you don’t have to feel guilty. They also groom themselves, saving your time, money, and energy. And unless you’re the coolest of cool hipsters you don’t have to take them out or walk them.  As long as they have food, water, and a clean litter box, they’re good to go! 


They Are Good for Your Health

Research has shown that cats can help lower your blood pressure and increase your heart health. Just the act of petting your cat has a healthy effect on your blood pressure. People who own pets are often happier, more trusting, and less lonely. Forget apples, pet your cat (at least) once a day to keep the doctor away. 

Villa Veneto apartments are the best to come home to. Double doors open to the grand foyer where sunlight spills into the building and down the hallway. The building has convenient laundry facilities on the premises. It also has a shared backyard space for lounging and hanging out. The area is walkable, convenient, and close to public transit, so not having a car isn’t a deal-breaker.

There’s so many great spots to spend your time in Koreatown and Villa Veneto is close to many of them. We are just 2 blocks from Chapman Plaza, Sharp Specialty Coffee, Brothers Sandwich Shop, EMC Seafood & Raw Bar, famous Cassell’s Hamburgers, The Normandie Club, The Walker Inn, Break Room 86, The LINE Hotel, and some of the best Abalone Porridge and Korean Chicken Soup in the area at Mountain Cafe. There is truly a neverending list of other cafes/bars, restaurants and businesses, and grocery stores for you to check out. 

Find out what units are available and view our other apartments for rent here.

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