Best Sports Bars to Watch Your Team in Koreatown


This is your go-to list for the best sports bars in Ktown.

Our idea of the perfect sports bar has changed since we moved past our 20’s. Now when we’re looking for a place to watch the game with friends, we want three things in a great sports bar. Good food, great drink specials, and, most importantly, we want to be able to sit down and actually hear and see the game.

One of the main benefits of living in one of our¬† apartments in Koreatown is walkable access to great dining experiences. It’s Ktown so you know that each experience you get is going to be unique, there is a go-to dish at every restaurant, and, most likely, service will not be great. But, that’s the charm of Ktown, right?

The BIG charm of living in Ktown? You don’t have to fight for parking like everyone else. If you’re “out-of-town” friends will be meeting you we highly recommend they opt for the very nominal valet parking that these places offer. But if you’re an Urban LA Living tenant you’re in luck. Our top 3 favorite bars to watch sports are all walking distance from our apartment buildings in the Koreatown area.

One. Cafe Bleu

This isn’t what comes top of mind when you think of “sports bars” but it’s an excellent option if you and your friends are looking for a place to drink and watch the game. Many locals also consider this place their “Cheers”. There’s a little more of an upscale vibe here so you won’t feel like you’re trying to re-live your 20’s and it’s definitely not what you would call crowded (which we like).

Cafe Bleu has excellent drink specials and they cater to the football/fight night crowd. The best call for the night is to grab an appetizer with your drinks, we recommend the garlic fries and nachos, but save your hunger for one of the excellent Korean BBQ joints just across the street. Quarters or Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong normally have at least an hour wait so if you time it right, you can watch the game at Cafe Bleu, with some fries and end the night with some excellent Korean BBQ.

Walking distance from The Victoria, Kenmore Arms, Casa California, Villa Veneto, and The Rosetta.

Two. Baja’s Grill

Baja’s Grill opened just a few months ago in the old Holy Crab spot and we are so glad they did. This is the spot to grab fishtacos in Ktown. You may be thinking, a Mexican/Seafood joint in Ktown, that seems bold. But we couldn’t be happier. We love a good night of Ktown BBQ, but sometimes you just want some ceviche and an oyster slider (all of which are excellent at Bajas Grill).

Like many places in Ktown you want to stick with what they know and not go too far into the weeds with this menu. We’ve seen some less than complimentary reviews of their salads (so skip those) but the Tacos are a home run. Or a 50-yard kick. Whatever, our sports metaphors aren’t what they should be. The point is this is an excellent place to grab a table and watch the game with some friends. Especially if you like tacos.

Walking distance from Kenmore Arms, Casa California, Villa Veneto, and The Rosetta.

Three. Bon Bon Tap

Another brand new restaurant in Ktown that we’re glad we decided to try. This is your wings stop. Full stop. Like our other two favorite sports bars in the area, they have multiple screens to watch the game on. The downside of Bon Bon Tap is they have beer and wine only, but since you’ll be ordering the wings a beer is the perfect pairing.

We are Crispy Shrimp Burger curious but haven’t been able to move past our standard order of truffle fries and wings. One of these days we’re going to branch out, but it won’t be soon.

Walking distance from our cat friendly apartments in Koreatown, Chateau Duval, Casa Bella, Plaza Cordova, and The Victoria.

We hope to see you out and about Ktown enjoying the great walkability that this neighborhood offers. It’s one of the main reasons we have so many buildings in this area. Go Chargers! Or Rams! Clearly we just watch football for an excuse to hang out and drink with our friends.


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