About Us

Urban LA is a Los Angeles rental property management company specializing in vintage apartments in the greater Los Angeles area. We are in love with LA and all the potential we see in her communities. Our property management company is passionate about discovering old buildings and restoring them to their original grandeur with added modern amenities for urban living.

We Rent LA

We have 15 apartment buildings in the greater Los Angeles area. From Hollywood to DTLA you’ll find our property management signature style on these apartment buildings. When we look for a building to add to our fleet we search for buildings that will be affordable and cheap apts for rent to Angelenos. We look in up and coming areas; Koreatown, DTLA, Silver Lake, and Hollywood.

Our Renovation Style

We look for 1920’s buildings because we love the spacious interiors and built-ins distinctive to this era. So many rent controlled buildings have absolutely gorgeous interiors but you would never know it. Many older buildings are rent controlled in Los Angeles. We look to find the original beauty of these units and only enhance what we find. We love exposing the original hardwood floors, saving and refinishing incredible built-ins and updating kitchens to urban standards. Renovating these neglected units makes us proud to be able to offer affordable apartments for rent in Los Angeles.

Proud Angelenos

We are proud to be one of apartment rental companies in Los Angeles. We love this city and we love the architecture of the 1920’s. Creating affordable, beautiful and cheap apts for rent in Los Angeles is our work and we are proud to be the best apartment rental company.

Urban L.A. was built with your success in mind


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