6 Ways to Keep Your LA Apartment Cool This Summer

6 Ways to Keep Your LA Apartment Cool This Summer

One of the many reasons people move to LA is the warm weather all year round. What do you do when it becomes sweltering in the summer, though? Typically, we’d just crank up the a/c, except in LA and the rest of South California, many apartments don’t have air conditioning! Many of our buildings come with window AC units but not all of them. It’s one of the drawbacks to living in a beautiful 1920’s building.

Thankfully, there are ways to keep the temperatures in your apartment bearable without spending an arm and a leg on a/c installation. Whether your apartment is in Hollywood or Koreatown, LA, here are some things you can do to keep your LA apartment cool this summer:

  • Keep the sunlight from getting in your apartment

The sunlight that goes into your apartment can quickly raise the temperatures in your room. You can block the sunlight out by using blackout drapes or blinds as necessary. If no direct sunlight is coming in through your window, however, you can keep the windows open to let some air in. 

If you live in one of our apartments in Hollywood, LA, you can check out The Shade Store in West Hollywood for beautiful curtains or head over to Budget Blinds for blinds and shades. 

  • Open the windows at night 

Let some fresh air in to help cool your apartment in LA while you sleep by keeping your windows open at night. According to a study from one of the universities in the Netherlands, doing so can also help you sleep better! 

  • Use breathable beddings

If you have cotton sheets and pillowcases, summer in LA is the perfect time to whip them out. The lighter the color of the sheets, the better, as they will absorb less sunlight in case your window is facing the sun directly in the morning.

  • Avoid using the oven in the summer if possible 

For obvious reasons, try to schedule your baking sessions when it’s cooler. Better yet, why not invite your friends and family to an outdoor grill party instead to escape the heat of your apartment?

  • Take a cold shower and use body wash with a refreshing scent

Using hot water in the shower can humidify your apartment further. Not only that, taking cold showers in the summer will help your body lower your body temperature easily. Using body wash or shampoo with refreshing scents such as mint makes a difference, too! 

  • If all else fails, invest in a portable a/c

Trust us, if you plan on living in your apartment in Hollywood or Koreatown, LA for more than a year, investing in a portable a/c will be worth it. This guide to portable air conditioners provides an array of options that will suit different budgets for different types of apartments.

Bonus tip: If you live in Silverlake Station, one of our apartments for rent in Hollywood, CA, make sure to try Pazzo Gelato’s sorbets and gelatos along Sunset Boulevard. You’re welcome! 


Did we miss any tips? Let us know of other ways to keep our LA apartments cool in the comments below!



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