COVID-Safe Activities in LA For Outside Fun

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COVID-Safe Activities in LA For Outside Fun

Everyone’s been holed up inside their houses for too long, and it’s about high time to have a long walk outside. With limited options due to strict COVID protocols, it may be quite hard to find things that would keep anyone in their best form and mindset as a yearning for a certain sense of recreation ensues. This list might be the answer to every woe, as the following comprehensive list would definitely have an option to work with anyone’s specific liking or taste.


One good thing to check out would be bird sitting. It’s quite a long stretch from bird watching, but it offers a more intimate one-on-one take with nature. What the task  entails is for one to sit and wait for a bird to appear within proximity. Once the avian arrives, the intricate details of how it interacts with nature are well observed. It starts by checking on what it does, how it interacts with other birds, and most importantly, what kind of call it is making. Because the observer is only sitting, the bird never gets too scared to fly, making the entire experience cathartic and highly introspective.

Virtual Race

Another activity to check out would be participating in a virtual race. It works much like the usual marathon, but the participants run on their own course as long as the recommended length of run is accomplished. Several groups and authorities have been successfully organizing said events around Los Angeles, and they’re very easy to find by taking a stroll around the city or hitting up Google for a quick search.

Architectural Tour

There’s also an option to take a self-guided architectural tour that anyone can take in their own time and pace. In California, there is truly a multitude of sites to check out– from buildings to structures, sculptures, and even architectural Easter eggs. Several guides can be found online if one would ever plan to partake in such an activity, making it a convenient and educational undertaking to participate in.

Things to keep in mind while staying outside

With COVID-19 still on the rise, health protocols are still in place – social distancing, continuous self-sanitization, and the need to always wear a mask. Following these simple steps would easily lessen risks despite the need to move around outside one’s home. To make things even safer to have one closer in the key locations of the city, it would be best to move into some of the more affordable apartments in Hollywood CA. There are also a lot of apartments for rent in Hollywood CA to choose from, with the difference only coming from who you would approach for the best rates and the most affordable prices.

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