Rooftop Bars - Experience a unique Downtown LA nightlife

Rooftop Bars – Experience a unique Downtown LA nightlife

Welcome to LA Being in Los Angeles (LA) is an adventure all on its own. Whether it is shopping at Beverly Hills, hiking up Mount Lee to see the Hollywood sign closer, or looking for 2 bedroom apartments in Downtown LA, it is an excellent experience in the City of Angels. With that said, one of the most notable things in LA is its nightlife. What would be the best option to fully experience LA's uniqueness...


Helpful Resources for Covid-19 Financial Assistance Programs

The livelihood of many Americans has been severely affected by the current global pandemic caused by Covid-19.  Any financial assistance, no matter how small, can go a long way for some families and individuals. We collated some of the most helpful resources on Covid-19 financial assistance programs for workers from different fields.  Whether you’re looking to stretch your budget to be able to...


Top 3 Reasons to Live in Downtown LA

You’ll never want to go away once you live in downtown LA. Also known as #DTLA, this bustling central business district is also called home by its culturally diverse residents of more than 50,000 people. Whether you’re craving a progressively modern lifestyle or feeling cozy sticking with classically chic living, this urban center is a vibrant abode for your wants and whims. Our fully remodeled vintage...

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