Rooftop Bars - Experience a unique Downtown LA nightlife

Rooftop Bars – Experience a unique Downtown LA nightlife

Welcome to LA Being in Los Angeles (LA) is an adventure all on its own. Whether it is shopping at Beverly Hills, hiking up Mount Lee to see the Hollywood sign closer, or looking for 2 bedroom apartments in Downtown LA, it is an excellent experience in the City of Angels. With that said, one of the most notable things in LA is its nightlife. What would be the best option to fully experience LA's uniqueness...

6 Ways to Keep Your LA Apartment Cool This Summer

6 Ways to Keep Your LA Apartment Cool This Summer

One of the many reasons people move to LA is the warm weather all year round. What do you do when it becomes sweltering in the summer, though? Typically, we’d just crank up the a/c, except in LA and the rest of South California, many apartments don’t have air conditioning! Many of our buildings come with window AC units but not all of them. It’s one of the drawbacks to living in a beautiful 1920’s...


Helpful Resources for Covid-19 Financial Assistance Programs

The livelihood of many Americans has been severely affected by the current global pandemic caused by Covid-19.  Any financial assistance, no matter how small, can go a long way for some families and individuals. We collated some of the most helpful resources on Covid-19 financial assistance programs for workers from different fields.  Whether you’re looking to stretch your budget to be able to...

Social Distancing Game

Fun Social Distancing Games You Can Play With Friends Online

Just because we are stuck at home during these crazy times and miss hanging out with friends doesn’t mean we can’t have fun together (but get what we mean). Since most of us are in quarantine in our apartments in Hollywood, we end up running out of things to talk about. You can’t just keep talking about Tiger King or whatever Netflix series you’re bingeing on all the time! Why not do...

The Best Super Bloom Trips in LA in 2020

The Best Super Bloom Trips in LA in 2020

To say super blooms in California is IG-worthy is an understatement. The California hills blanketed in vibrant wild flowers provide a breathtaking background for any photo, but no photo can do the super bloom justice. You simply have to see them with your own eyes! We curated some of the best super bloom trips you can take around LA. We also picked spots that are not too far from Hollywood Colony, one of...

Top Five Things To Do in Koreatown, LA for Galentine’s Day banner

Top Five Things To Do in Koreatown, LA for Galentine’s Day

One of our favorite made-up holidays is here: Galentine’s Day! A day meant to shower your female friends with more love and appreciation than usual, Galentine’s Day is typically celebrated on February 13th but we think any day can be Galentine’s Day. We curated five fun things you can do in K-town with your gals without having to go too far from your apartment in Koreatown, LA   Grab a...

New Look on a Budget

Affordable Ways to Give Your Hollywood Rental Apartment a New Look in 2020

So you’ve just snagged that affordable apartment for rent in Hollywood--congratulations! New decade, new place. Why not give it a new look as well to make it feel more like home? Your home. Although rentals can be trickier to decorate since it’s not your own, it’s not impossible and can definitely be done without sacrificing your next month’s rent. Whether you just moved to a new rental...


Best Sports Bars to Watch Your Team in Koreatown

This is your go-to list for the best sports bars in Ktown. Our idea of the perfect sports bar has changed since we moved past our 20's. Now when we're looking for a place to watch the game with friends, we want three things in a great sports bar. Good food, great drink specials, and, most importantly, we want to be able to sit down and actually hear and see the game. One of the main benefits of living...


Living in LA with No Car?

Is it really possible to live in Los Angeles without a car? 20 years ago, it may not have been possible. 5 years ago, it may not have been possible. But with the expansion of the Metro, Uber and Lyft services it has quickly become very possible to live in Los Angeles without a car. Many people even recommended living in certain areas of the city without a car.  We have several buildings in the...


Top 3 Reasons to Live in Downtown LA

You’ll never want to go away once you live in downtown LA. Also known as #DTLA, this bustling central business district is also called home by its culturally diverse residents of more than 50,000 people. Whether you’re craving a progressively modern lifestyle or feeling cozy sticking with classically chic living, this urban center is a vibrant abode for your wants and whims. Our fully remodeled vintage...

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