February 2021

V-Day at hollywood apartment

V-Day At Home

Whether you are celebrating with your roomies in your 2 bedroom apartment in Hollywood, cozying up with a significant other in your one bedroom apartment, or flying solo in your studio, this Valentine’s Day can be a lot of fun without having to leave home. Here are some ideas to enjoy a day of love from your house.  A Candlelit Dinner Table for one, two, three, or more, it doesn’t matter! Reservations...

KissAnime kissanime boku no hero: DARLING in the FRANXX (https://kissanimeonline.com/m/KeEK) Episode 24

WCOStream the flintstones wcostream: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable (Dub) (https://wcostream.cc/m/DyBj) Episode 39

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