The Many Things We Love Living in Koreatown

The Many Things We Love Living in Koreatown

When you are looking at apartments for rent in Los Angeles, location is everything. There are so many unique neighborhoods in LA, each with a different living experience. One of our favourite neighbourhoods in Koreatown. We have eight distinctive buildings in the area, each with their own personality. What they do have in common though is that each is a vintage building that we have preserved to keep its...

5 Advantages of Living Hollywood in Los Angeles

5 Advantages of Living Hollywood in Los Angeles

Our newest building, The Amor, is tucked away in a quiet corner of Hollywood, CA The Amor is a lovely place to call home. Right around the corner (literally) from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood & Highland this lovely 1920’s apartment building has incredible studios, one and two bedrooms available for rent. The apartments offer original hardwood floors, unique built-ins, and modern kitchens...

Find an Apartment in Los Angeles

How to Find an Apartment in Los Angeles

  Did you know that, according to Zillow,  the current average value of buying a home in Los Angeles is  $882,150? It makes sense that over half of Los Angeles residents choose to rent instead. For someone new to the city or looking to change up their current Los Angeles living situation, looking for a rental can be overwhelming but we are here to help. Here’s a quick checklist to help you...

Perks of Living in Hollywood

5 (Of the Many) Perks of Living in Hollywood

  You can truly live your best life in our charmingly renovated Hollywood apartment buildings. We’re talking sling-open-your-curtains-to- a-view-of-the-Hollywood-sign-movie-moment best life. Oh, and did we mention, they’re also affordable? You can choose between the crazy walkable Avondale or Beachwood Tower in the heart of Hollywood, the retro Hollywood Colony, or the quieter and cozy...

live like a millionaire in luxury apartments in DTLA

How To Live Like A Millionaire In Los Angeles

Who among us hasn’t imagined what we would do if we won the lottery one day and became overnight millionaires? Would you quit your job? Buy a fancy car? Take a dream vacation?    May 20th was National Be a Millionaire Day which is a day to really celebrate those daydreams and imagine ourselves rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous. We decided to take the idea one step further and figure...

Good News For Our Residents

Good News For Our Residents

     We are always trying to make the lives of our residents (and future residents) easier and more comfortable. This is why we brought in Appfolio, a property management software. It has a bunch of new features that are super easy to use, intuitive, and stress-free! The features also make it so that many of the day-to-day needs can be done virtually, when it comes to Urban LA Living - which...

Perks of Living in DTLA

5 (Of The Many) Perks of Downtown LA Living

Look, we know what you might be thinking. We know downtown LA’s reputation. You may have watched Netflix’s documentary about the Cecil Hotel and thought, No way I’m living near there. But here’s the thing: that downtown LA is not downtown LA anymore. Over the past couple of decades downtown Los Angeles has had a stunning revival, thanks in part to the Adaptive Reuse Ordinance in 1999 which made it...

V-Day at hollywood apartment

V-Day At Home

Whether you are celebrating with your roomies in your 2 bedroom apartment in Hollywood, cozying up with a significant other in your one bedroom apartment, or flying solo in your studio, this Valentine’s Day can be a lot of fun without having to leave home. Here are some ideas to enjoy a day of love from your house.  A Candlelit Dinner Table for one, two, three, or more, it doesn’t matter! Reservations...

Prep For Awards Season

Prep For Awards Season – What To Watch

  Like Moira Rose in Schitt’s Creek, our favorite season is: Awards Season. Typically Awards Season runs from November to late February/early March but due to the shitshow that was 2020 (and 2021 may also be) the season’s culmination with the Academy Awards has been moved back to April 25. The good news is, that gives us all more time to catch up on the movies we might have missed. Official...

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