July 2015


Koreatown Knows How to Party

If you’ve been looking at Urban LA Living apartment buildings then you know that several of our apartment rentals are in Koreatown. Koreatown is one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in all of Los Angeles. That’s not just referring to the population. Koreatown is full of amazing restaurants, shops and things-to-do. We took a poll of our managers and here’s our list of our favorite stops in...


Conserve this!

Drought. Drought. Drought. Everyone loves to talk about the drought. The news screams that California will run out of water in a year but then we are left with little information about how to help. We wish we knew the secret rain dance and could just share a YouTube video with everyone and solve the problem. Unfortunately, we don't know any secret rain dances so we'll just have to stick to good ole' common...

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